Utak Berde | Couples Shirts for the New Year

Today is the first day of the year and we are so excited for 2012! Every year is a new beginning or a continuation of something great.  Anyway we want to send our warmest greeting to everyone and wishing you a fun 2012! We don’t want you guys to be alone this new year. So here is a wrap up of our first couples shirt collection. Simple and sweet design perfect for any couples out there.

1. You and your lover perfect loveteam! Wear it proud with this couples shirt for the leading man/lady.

2.  Let the world know the he/she is taken by giving your partner this couples shirt.

3.  One of the sweetest words you can here from someone you love this year, “Let me love you”

4.  Hot couple alert! Let them know your with your sweetheart by wearing this couples shirt.

5. A cute couple deserves an awesome couples shirt design! Let the world know you are partner with this cute shirt design.

Watch out for more designs from Utak Berde Group and if you have some creative idea out there feel free to share to us. Email us @ utakberdeako@gmail.com or visit our Facebook account.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 🙂


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